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Mangosat / NWNS wishes to quote its customers transparently, as much as possible all-inclusive, and by the job. We intend to provide a service that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.

At the same time we are very much aware that one size doesn’t fit all, and discussions may be needed before coming to a pricing agreement. Costs and charges however depend on what the expectations are, where and when to full fill the required service, and the complexity of the actual business.

It takes two to tango

Let’s tango

How we calculate our global field charges and what we need from YOU to be spot-on and competitive.

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Contrary to popular belief, building an infrastructure involves many hidden costs, unconsidered or underestimated costs and other unknown parameters than can affect the total cost of the project. Like any infrastructure setup, the initial cost of a remote VSAT varies from location to location. Costs depend on what will have to be installed (size of the aperture, cable runs, mounting constructions etc.), when the job must be done and all the other additional requirements. 

Not to mention the willingness to cooperate and the efficiency of the remote end-customer. The latter not always guaranteed or goes without saying. 

Mangosat understands that customers want to experience the comfort of working with a low price that fits all and leaving all risk to Mangosat. Unfortunately, this is no longer economically viable despite Mangosat’s eagerness to meet customers wish and requirements. Therefore, unless agreed differently, Mangosat charges are based on the fee schedule for the various services, pursuant to an issued Statement of Work (SoW) and an agreed Bill of Requirements (BoR). 

Your input defines the quality of our output

Quotations based on assumptions should be avoided as much as reasonably possible.

Proper and fast quoting is only possible if the exact requirements including all critical details have been disclosed and shared with Mangosat or NWNS at the time of request. Read More

You tell us what, when and where

And then we suggest you how to do it, how long it will take and what the costs will be – Practical solutions that solve a problem.

We sincerely believe that our service levels are realistic and achievable. Phrased differently: we won’t quote for solutions or commercial services that cannot be met in practice under commonly accepted circumstances.

No hidden surprises (and therefore no uncomfortable discussions) and as much as possible no after the fact extra charges on the final invoice.

What do we need from you?

As much relevant data input as practical possible.

What do you exactly want? Where and when? And if applicable and if possible we also want to know more about your conditions, restrictions, limitations and expectations. 

The better and more accurate your input, the better and more competitive our output. 


  • All Mangosat service pricing include Mangosat’s dedicated project management and meeting Customer’s specific reporting demands.
  • Mangosat’s listed rates apply to jobs that can be supported by (local) in-country resources. Customer must understand and acknowledge the pros and cons of this option. Click here to learn more about this subject.
  • If a request cannot be supported by in-country support (either not available, not skilled or because of customer’s specific wish) Mangosat will quote for alternative solutions.
  • Extra days on site are reasonably charged per Engineer or Technician Day Rate as set forth but only if Mangosat personnel must stay on site longer than expected and only for reasons which are beyond the control of Mangosat.
  • All Mangosat charges are typically excluding (travel) expenses and government surcharges such as e.g. VAT.
  • Travel expenses covering up to 50 km from the nearest Mangosat Field Service Representative are included in the listed price.
  • Cancellation: First cancellation is at no costs to customer. Second and onwards are charged at 50% of Engineer or Technician Day Rate. Non-recoverable travel costs are always charged back.
  • Visit and Installation Report: Mangosat has developed an app that our engineers in the field can use as a Time Sheet, Visit Report and/or Hand-over Report. Alternatively, we can use Customer owned forms or documents.
  • Mangosat has identified and described a number of related activities and services which are all promoted and charged individually.
  • All Mangosat activities are subjected to our Terms & Conditions which can be downloaded here.

Additional requirements that fall outside the scope of a standard installation are considered exceptions and will be quoted and billed as separate line items. 

Please contact Mangosat to review your installation requirements and request a quote.

Why a global ratecard is difficult:

Why a (uniform) rate card pricing structure for Mangosat and NWNS global field services is difficult to produce or maintain and therefore not always possible.

We at Mangosat and NWNS understand that our clients prefer static or uniform pricing aka “Rate Card”. Benefits of this strategy include the ease of administration and the customer goodwill created by such a policy. The main disadvantage is that a rigid uniform pricing policy can easily be matched or undercut by our competitors.

But this is not the only reason:

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