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Design, preparation, implementation and maintenance of small & medium sized VSAT stations and bigger earth stations.

Secure solutions for private (back-up) communications networks. 

Reliable internet access for all in the remote and underserved areas.

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Satellite Space Segment Versus Ground Segment

Satellite communications’ ground segment’ has all too often been considered the less interesting, non-identical twin, to ‘space segment’. Space segment are the satellites that have been placed into orbit. Ground segment are the antennas in the field. However – and this is bad news for the sexy part of the business – satellites in orbit are useless without networks on the ground and the antennas that can receive and transmit satellite signals efficiently. 

Launches and the orbiting of spacecraft are “sexy”; outdoor and indoor units on Earth do not have the same visual impact, can be difficult to implement too. It’s our core business, we love it, and we know (almost) everything about it.

All these systems need to be installed and maintained and this is exactly what Mangosat does for her customers world-wide.

Since 1995 we’ve been successfully installing VSAT systems of all sizes, shapes, makes and models. From a single SCPC terminal to large scale TDMA network roll-out. L-, C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band, we support it all! We’ve been to the most exotic places and darkest corners of our planet. We’ve worked in war zones and experienced natural disaster first hand. You can always count on our experienced teams to complete your installation with precision and efficiency regardless where and when the job needs to be done.

Photo: Mangosat/NWNS

Satellite Ground Systems 

Global Deployment, Installation, and Servicing

One or many, big or small – Mangosat supports it all.

Mangosat provides rapid response and scalable resources to complete projects world-wide. With the combination of local resource partners, Mangosat offers unmatched levels of integration and maintenance quality.

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Under development

Under development

Under development.

If you are struggling to install your Starlink kit, don’t worry it’s no problem at all with a Mangosat installer. Mangosat however does not supply Starlink kits but if needed we assist you with your purchase (location restrictions do apply)

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Our Installer will fit your Starlink dish and connect it to your Starlink router. Standard Starlink installations normally take our engineers between 1-2 hours to complete. Once completed our Starlink Installers will show you the system all up and working so that you are happy with your new fast broadband service.

Note: Starlink requires absolute free view to the sky and the type of antenna mount dictates the time to install. We have a range of different Starlink mounting options for every different type of starlink installation. We are able to provide great advice over the phone using our tools to survey your property. This means less time wasted on the day for our installer.

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Contrary to popular belief, building an infrastructure involves many hidden costs, unconsidered or underestimated costs and other unknown parameters than can affect the total cost of the project.

Like any infrastructure setup, the initial cost of a remote VSAT varies from location to location. Costs depend on what will have to be installed (size of the aperture, cable runs, mounting constructions etc.), when the job must be done and all the other additional requirements. Not to mention the willingness to cooperate and the efficiency of the remote end-customer.

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A professional site survey is key in the life cycle of a project. Information gathered during they survey drives decision making, risk mitigation and installation planning.

Today’s radio frequency environment has many interference sources and a RFI survey is critical to identify and characterise terrestrial emissions in or adjacent to the frequency band of operation.

Our teams are skilled and have the equipment to perform RFI survey from IF to Ka Band and have performed these surveys for our customers as well as for satellite operators.

Another important aspect of the site survey is to make site layout decisions, these decisions require an experienced team familiar with the complex demands and constraints of satellite earth station projects requiring a multidisciplinary set of skills.

Our site surveys are inspections of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete the initial tasks required for an indoor, outdoor or cable laying activity. It can determine a precise location, access requirements, best orientation for an antenna and the determination of obstacles.

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Once an end-customer purchases a service and related equipment, they will need it expertly installed within their operating environment. A dispatched team of Mangosat engineers will ensure that the equipment is correctly installed, tested, and fully operational from the start.

Mangosat’s installation teams have more than 30 years of proven field experience. Our engineers are trained and skilled with installing earth station antennas from L band and up to Ka band. Our teams have successfully installed and commissioned more than 5000 VSAT and Earth station antenna’s all over the world.

Mangosat provides a worldwide reach in order to meet SLAs and mission critical restoration. For customer support after the installation, Mangosat local partner resources (aka FSR) may be trained and retained for future preventative and reactive maintenance services. This approach provides the most efficient responses via a consistent resource pool. In most cases, the resources involved in the build may actually be employed for the reactive and preventative maintenance support as well.

Mangosat’s most critical field activity is to restore a service or to fix equipment in the event of a breakdown. And of course everything within the set terms of a service level agreement (SLA).

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Unfortunately additional value-added services and maintenance calls cannot be provided for free (anymore). Service calls related to interference are handled separately.

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