Access to broadband will never get to every premises in the land without using complimentary solutions

Over the course of the last two decades, the internet has become nearly ubiquitous. However, in many countries or (remote) areas connectivity is still either unavailable, intermittent, restricted, or slow at its very best. This could be a problem.

Mangosat customers shouldn’t have to worry about using a satellite, a cellular, or any alternative network. Customer’s decision should be “do we want connectivity or not.

And then let Mangosat figure the rest.

More I(o)T but Without the Tech Headaches.

What our customers want: peace of mind

Multinational operating organisations – our customers – want universal and guaranteed access to reliable, stable, and affordable Internet wherever they do business. However, contrary to popular believe, access to reliable Internet is not always easy to organise or implement. Service and (subscription) maintenance are another point of concern.

In addition to universal access to mission critical Internet, corporates have at least three more stringent requirements:

  1. Resilience: Everything fails eventually, even in networking. Enterprises should prepare for network failure by building resilience and redundancy into their mission critical network infrastructure design.
  2. Network Security: A broad term that covers a multitude of technologies, devices. and processes. It typically consists of three different controls: physical, technical, and administrative. The remote field is not excluded from this.
  3. Fabulous customer & managed field service in addition to real time network management and performance visibility.

In rural and underserved areas such a total service is not always easy to deliver and maintain.

At Mangosat we understand our customer requirements and we provide a matching “Last Mile Connectivity Service” to businesses operating internationally. 

We provide this service globally, but our focus is on developing markets and underserved areas.

Because this is where we can make all the difference.

Mangosat’s Last-mile Connectivity Service connects our customers with local service and solution providers in more than 140 countries. We guarantee our customers the connectivity solution they need at the best possible price and quality.

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The CONCEPT is easy
Mangosat represent its customer there where the service is required. We organise and deliver a total solution as specified by our customer.

But the devil is in the details:

Beyond the logistical difficulties with providing internet access in developing countries the challenge of access can be severely limited by factors including economical (excessive costs), technical (lack of coverage), and cultural (over-regulation aka bureaucracy).

We believe that one must have the boots on the ground, the people in place to manage and overcome all the local hurdles. 

And we have.

How we do it

In the space of 25+ years we’ve established a reliable global network of local affiliates and Field Service Representatives who work on our behalf. In addition, we have closed flexible agreements with licensed telecom providers operating locally.

Providing possible and allowed, they supply us with the access and bandwidth solutions required. If for whatever reason our local providers cannot supply, deliver, or meet specifications, Mangosat will sources, propose, and implement alternatives such as for example satellite-based solutions.

Where we’ve provided support

Examples of countries where Mangosat has successfully arranged for – or on behalf – its customers last mile connectivity include:

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Guam, Palau.

And this list keeps growing.

What about service

To guarantee continuity and an excellent customer service our multilingual global Mangosat Helpdesk and Network Operations Center operate 24 x 7.

Mangosat uses a ticketing system, and our real people can be easily reached by email, telephone, or web portal.

MangoLink is a portable internet router concept for network uplink and downlink aggregation – designed to support mission critical applications in remote locations. It allows users to combine up to 8 networks to aggregate bandwidth to give one reliable, redundant and fast(er) Internet connection.

Never off-line

MangoLink is extremely user friendly, plug and play hence zero configuration.

MangoLink is applied innovation, integrated to address some of the problems and limitations related to remote slow and intermitting Internet in developing parts of the world.

MangoLink can handle all types of cellular technologies such as 2G, 3G and 4G, from any operator.

MangoLink aggregates 2G, 3G or 4G links from max eight SIM cards (dongles) to create a combined capacity that significantly increases speed and access reliability.

MangoLink is a cheaper and less complicated alternative to satellite-based solutions. However, since MangoLink supports ethernet-over-USB (EoUSB) as an input, it can also act as a back-up to satellite.

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