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Typically Mangosat / NWNS standard terms and conditions and the appropriate service fee applies.

 Other terms and conditions may apply if the customer has a valid maintenance – or retainer agreement with Mangosat or NWNS . If this is the case, the content of the agreement prevails.

When a request is deemed to be billable, the customer is informed immediately so that written approval to authorise the work can be organised and shared. Unless agreed differently, customer will be charged the current Mangosat / NWNS service rates plus any incidental expenses. The Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk will inform its customers of the current rate and, if possible, an estimate for the total amount to be billed.

Occasionally, the customer may require services that are not covered under a maintenance agreement and therefore, considered billable (extra). Examples include:

  • System or network recovery and cleanup resulting from an error on the part of the (end) customer.
    Network degradation because of local interference, equipment or satellite failure (if applicable).
  • Network degradation because of local power issues that fall under the responsibility of the customer.
  • Support for hardware, operating systems, networks and troubleshooting other vendors’ services unless agreed differently.
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