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Mangosat’s Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring service provides the full set of tools you need to monitor your network; from tools, locations and knowledge support to trouble-shooting problems and analyzing and reporting results.

Mangosat is a reliable source for the design, development, operation, and maintenance of satellite systems, networking technologies and wireless communications systems. While Mangosat is widely known for providing field services, the company is also in the business of real-time Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring.

Mangosat Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring as a service has been developed specifically to help satellite operators and service providers monitor RF carrier performance with speed, accuracy and minimal operator effort. Our solution is scalable and supports monitoring of multiple satellites with one or more antennas from either a single measurement site or with multiple measurements sites reporting to a central control facility.

We monitor any spectrum from our various monitoring locations. Alternatively we build and operate a complete (temporary) monitoring facility as – and where – needed. Our track record is long and include remote locations in Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Palau, India, Maldives, Oman, Madagascar, Mali, Tanzania, Netherlands and Sweden.

Ground station kit

All-in-one solution for tracking LEO satellites

The new generation of small satellites and large constellations requires increased flexibility and exceptional availability coupled with cost-efficient operations. 

With ground stations around the globe we can provide unmatched coverage that allows frequent satellite contacts for Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C)


  • Satellite noise
  • EIRP in bandwidt
  • Carrier EIRP, frequency and C/No
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Interference
  • Customized measurement solution


  • Secure access to system tables and measurement results
  • SNMP interface to other systems.
  • Export measurement results.
  • Detailed reports and plots in any preferred format

Additional Features:

  • Logging of system activity and alarms
  • Easy to use database table editor
  • Multiple operator permission levels
  • Limited and unlimited access to knowledge and support


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