Reliable world-wide (field) support services for companies doing business in remote, harsh, and hard to reach locations.

Mangosat gives you the resources you need to get the outcomes you want

Reliable ground services are important since it represents a vital link in the chain of extremely complex network building. At the same time, ground and field services are the weakest link between “product” and customer. Human factor in the field is often another reason for deeper trouble.

Mangosat believes that the success of remote data networking relies on proper network design, the quality of the hardware, perfect installation, and the ability to operate associated field equipment professionally and consistently under all circumstances throughout a longer period.

Our Areas of Expertise

Network specification, design, implementation, and maintenance is our specialty. Narrow Band IoT sensor networks one of our fast-growing core businesses. Servicing customer’s networks in remote and harsh locations our key differentiator.

Mangosat implements, maintains and monitors telecom, energy, water, weather, and agri infrastructure to ensure its proper and efficient functioning. If needed we source a location for equipment hosting, arrange for local loop, and we assist in the equipment importation and service legalisation process.

Whenever your business implementation is critical or in places you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself…

Mangosat is in business to fill the gap.

And when something is important, we do it even if the odds are not in our favour.

We offer a hassle-free door-to-door solution for the deployment of IT and satellite communications equipment. Our service includes complete compliance reviews for every shipment including licence & permit applications. The beauty of our service is that it does NOT require our customer to have a local entity at destination when importing.

Our services include

  • Shipping to a country where you/your client do not have a local registration/entity.
  • Shipping to a foreign data centre or point of presence where the data centre will not act as an Importer of Record (IoR).
  • Selling hardware to a foreign entity who requires delivery on DDP terms or where the foreign client is unable or unwilling to act as the Importer of Record/consignee.
  • Shipping equipment to a foreign country to support a service offering (i.e. hardware as a service).
  • Shipping equipment to a foreign customer under a service or leasing agreement whereby the equipment is provided at no value.
  • Proof of concept or temporary imports.
  • Repair & maintenance shipments (RMA).

In most cases, companies and/or end-users that wish to establish VSAT networks and links for their own use must apply for permission or registration to own and operate the VSAT.

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Disclaimer: authorisations for the operation of VSAT systems are determined by national law and policy. Those can and do change, often without notice, potentially affecting costs, conditions, and availability of authorizations. Therefore, want our customers to understand and agree that securing licenses and permissions is dependent upon third parties such as governmental authorities and national operators and that Mangosat’s obligations in this regard are thus limited to employing its best efforts in the application, negotiation, and pursuance of the same.

Mangosat has experience in providing terrestrial connectivity services for remote locations. 

This so called “last-mile connectivity” is the physical link or circuit that connects from the demarcation point of our customer premises to the edge of the common carrier or telecommunications service provider’s network.

Mangosat sources and implements the local solution on behalf of its customer using our local in-country representatives. 

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Grid reliability is a concern in rural regions of developing countries. In many countries, grid reliability in urban areas is problematic as well.

Mangosat surveys existing electrical power situations, makes recommendations for improvement, and manages design & implementation including the offering of a power SLA or power guarantee.

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Mangosat is one of the very few companies able to plan, deploy, maintain and upgrade multiple (satellite) telecommunications networks and remote electrical power systems simultaneously on a global 24 X 7 basis. Our track record is endless.

Furthermore, we maintain business processes and service level agreements (SLA) that we want to be simple, fair, transparent, flexible and work.

Equally important, Mangosat provides additional value:

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