This webpage is dedicated to Mangosat’s Satellite Monitoring, Hosting & Co-locations Services. We are in business but this promoting webpage is still under construction. If you however can’t wait for more information, please send us an email with your questions or requests to

Mangosat supports satellite monitoring systems, satellite gateway facilities for GEO and LEO satellite services.

Mangosat can source or provide the facility, installation, utilities, and technical support & services for satellite monitoring systems to support the satellite performance monitoring systems of satellite communications ground station networks providers and to monitor and examine the critical satellite carrier parameter.

In order to provide LEO satellite service, a gateway needs to be set-up to communicate with the LEO constellation satellites and the connect to end users. Mangosat can manage all needed facilities to meet customer’s requirements for gateways and its operations.

Mangosat currently supports 30+ satellite monitoring stations and gateways world-wide – most of them in very unusual locations.