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Antenna hosting, equipment co-location and infrastructure sourcing and selection on customer’s behalf according to customer’s specification…anywhere.



What is a gateway

Gateways are ground facilities (the word teleport is commonly used too) which allow e.g. satellite infrastructure to integrate with complex networks and expand their reach.

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Some satellite systems require involvement of gateways based in a very specific or remote location.

Mangosat realises your gateway ambitions

Photo: Mangosat/NWNS

Dedicated or co-located gateway?

Dedicated gateway

Some customers may benefit from building and managing their own gateways.

Important reasons may be having ultimate control of their own network or to reduce compliance risks by landing traffic in a customer’s respective country to follow national security requirements.

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Co-located gateway

A co-location facility is an existing facility in which a business can rent space for antennas and other hardware.

Typically, a co-location provides the building, cooling, power, and physical security, while the customer provides all the required hardware and equipment. Space in such facility is often leased by the antenna space or room. 

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Mangosat supports both dedicated and co-located gateways.

Mangosat gateway sourcing, contracting & implementation service

Mangosat gateway services allow customers to do what they want to do WITHOUT having to build or manage their own ground facilities. 

With decades of experience, Mangosat manages the gateway location sourcing and selection, facility contracting and service implementation on behalf of customer according to customer specification so customer can focus on their core competencies.

Mangosat customers reduce capex and opex by leveraging Mangosat’s know how and existing global network.

Photo credit Mangosat/NWNS
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