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Mangosat is expanding our customers IoT strategy to remote regions of the world

Historically, many IoT solutions have required users to be in close physical proximity to IoT equipment for setup and maintenance. This is because an IoT gateway, like an internet router, requires a user to be in the coverage area to connect to it. But in the case of enterprises, dozens of gateways are often installed in many hard-to-access and dispersed locations in order to connect with thousands of nodes. 

However, all these gateways still require constant setup and monitoring. 

This is exactly what Mangosat is doing on behalf of its customers.

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Photo Mangosat / NWNS

Mangosat Remote IoT Ground & Field Services

We help designing and executing global projects

Reliable ground services are important since it represents a vital link in the chain of extremely complex network building. At the same time, ground and field services are the weakest link between spacecraft / terrestrial provider and customer. Human factor in the field is often another reason for deeper trouble.

Mangosat believes that the success of remote data collecting relies on proper network design, the quality of the hardware, perfect installation, and the ability to operate associated field equipment professionally and consistently under all circumstances throughout a longer period.

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Mangosat Remote IoT Solutions Utilising Satellites

“Satellite IoT” refers to the use of satellite communication networks and services to connect terrestrial IoT sensors and IoT end-nodes to a server (e.g., in a public or private cloud), either in conjunction with – or as an alternative to – terrestrial communication networks.”

These days many new (LEO) and existing (GEO) satellite constellations facilitate affordable global network connectivity. “New Space” startups in this area are increasing their momentum. building constellations and developing technologies to connect devices in remote areas outside the bounds of terrestrial networks.

Although with the challenging task of building and launching satellite networks, the matching ground services requirement is often overlooked in favor of the more glamourous space segment. Meanwhile the list of applied ground and field solutions is endless, still growing, and quickly becoming within reach of almost everybody’s budget.

IoT solutions with GEO satellites

Dynamic IoT Terminal (Ku and Ka) – This terminal, available as Ku or Ka-Band models, features a compact design suitable for portable itinerant operations or fully mobile uses cases. The antenna design is tightly integrated with the satellite modem into a single unit featuring Ethernet, WiFi, Serial and Bluetooth interfaces and optimised for low power consumption. The Dynamic IoT terminal enables portable and fully mobile COTM low data rate (LDR) use cases such as for fleet tracking and management, agriculture and construction sensor aggregation application, first responder and fishing fleet applications including vessel tracking and catch reporting.

Fixed IoT Terminal (Ku and Ka) – Integrated with a compact phased array antenna and satellite modem, the fixed IoT terminal is intended for deployment in extremely remote applications in mining, utilities, pipeline and other energy vertical markets as well as agricultural sensor backhaul applications. Thus, the terminal is designed for fully outdoor applications and mounting on poles, buildings and fixed mounting positions. The terminal supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for remote powering or adaptation to solar power configurations and features an intuitive smartphone app simplifying manual pointing and acquisition of signals. It features versatile connectivity options using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for phone, tablets and sensors as well as wired options for IoT devices and sensor gateways such LoRaWAN.

Mangosat remote IoT solution utilising LEO satellites

Introducing satellite connectivity could be a significant improvement for all farmers that spend a significant amount of time on pumps’ maintenance. Solar water pumps are already cost-effective, flexible, and reliable off-grid solutions using renewable energy, and satellite powered IoT further enhances the system and empowering users with essential data for their daily operations.

Mangosat case study

Precision farming has revolutionized the agricultural industry by enabling farmers to increase yields, reduce waste, and use resources better. Mangosat is one company that has taken precision farming to the next level by introducing Satellite IoT technology into our product portfolio.

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