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Mangosat helps you to achieve profitable growth at a fraction of traditional costs

Efficient and cost effective market entry and/or product implementation continues to be a major issue for (multinational) organisations who want to expand into risky and emerging markets.

Do you have difficulty accessing certain markets due to known and/or unnoticed constraints?

If yes, then take advantage of our international reputation and our almost 30 years of experience as a global, independent field services organisation.

The major success factors in such markets remain good understanding of the risks, marketing, pricing, customer service, money collection and the nuts and bolts of execution. In addition, Mangosat believes that the cultural barrier still remains the biggest obstacle for companies from developed countries interested in expanding their operations into emerging markets.

It sounds easy to overcome cultural barriers, but it is not if you do not have the right professionals capable of outlining the boundaries of each market.

There are creative, low-cost solutions in the market for starting to explore those emerging markets, but YOU must take the first step, which should be talking to a specialist such as Mangosat.

We guide you down the quickest path to results. 

Mangosat has developed effective tools, methods, and initiatives that not only will lessen risks but make the entire market access and implementation process much smoother and therefore more cost efficient.

From idea and beyond, we put everything in place.

We have established a highly qualified contact base at the key systems integrators, distributors, VAR’s and software manufacturers. This allows Mangosat to efficiently match new products and services with the most effective channel partners.


Representing – and workingon behalf of – our customer

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That risk you’re afraid to take, could be the one that changes your entire life.

Unlike an “ordinary” consultant, who may only be responsible for providing advice, Mangosat Professional Services can be held responsibility for the end result. This allows our clients to focus on their core business concerns while we manage a specific part of their business.

We help you minimising your risks

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How can we help you?

Market Access & Business Development Support:

Mangosat offers a professional service in identifying and mitigating diverse business risks in developing countries.

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Field Services:

Global network of certified installers to install, activate and maintain your global network or local system.

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Channel Development as a Service:

Channel development is often an important part of the go-to-market strategy for tech companies. 

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But also:

When you build or redesign a network, Mangosat consultancy services can help you define requirements, including project areas such as:

  • Network design
  • Architectural guidance
  • Detailed migration
  • Specifications for network deployment
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Validation or technical certification of the proposed solution

When you need skilled staff as your business expands, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals. We offer highly skilled technical staff who can fill urgent or periodic gaps to perform critical activities including:

  • Network configuration changes
  • Periodical performance audits
  • Software upgrades
  • Up to an in-house/embedded engineer for a certain period
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Application Engineering:

Applications tailored to highlight the data you need most.

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Network Design:

Get the perfect system for your needs built with industry expertise.

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Mangosat Professional Services are defined broadly, the conditions are flexible, and support can be discussed for limited and longer periods of time. Although cost savings is still an important consideration for using Mangosat Professional Services, clients are becoming much more aware of our additional benefits such as value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage when considering what services to outsource to us.

All our services are backed-up by highly skilled multilingual resources of which some with 30+ years of experience in the industries. And together with our extended network of local partners and affiliates, Mangosat provides presence and capability in over 140 countries.

Mangosat Professional Services Clients – Mangosat sells Professional Services to governments, telecom, satcom, and sustainable energy businesses of all sizes with challenges in developing – and/or difficult countries. Those are the areas where we as Mangosat believe we can make the real difference. And we’ve been doing this since the late 80s, all through the 90s and 00s, until date.

For some providers, professional services may be a primary line of business, while for Mangosat, professional services are sold as an add-on value driver to our core service offerings such as:

  • Market Access Assistance: Import / license & permission support – “The paperwork”
  • Local (field) service implementation support – “The bolds and the nuts”
  • Sourcing “last mile” solutions – “The local loop”

Market Access Support as a Mangosat Professional Service

Companies may have difficulty accessing certain markets due to known and/or unnoticed constraints, e.g. pricing, quality/capacity expectations, etc. Once these constraints are understood and settled, still other less evident constraints, namely risk related aspects, may stand in the way of successful agreements/contracts.

Generally, some of these risks may represent real threats to the continuity of the business, others may be negligible but still play an important role in the risk perception of potential clients, thus needing to be properly addressed as well.

In addition, gaps in communication, especially those between different cultures, can play a decisive role in the understanding of the risks. Mangosat offers a professional service in identifying and mitigating these diverse risks, as well as identifying cultural/risk-communication issues that may be a hindrance for accessing customers with specific risk expectations.

For further information and to discuss your specific needs please contact us because:

We understand that optimising risk involves a complex process considering severity and probability of numerous exposures across the risk landscape.
We have extensive know-how of the telecom and energy sectors and specific on-the-ground experience with major international companies.
We provide practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce operational vulnerabilities, and prevent or minimise “surprises”

We will work with you until you are successfully happy.

Mangosat is a flat, transparent, reliable and discrete organisation anticipating a long-term relationship with its clients. 

We maintain global standards and we’ve adapted the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Good Practice. The latter also implies that after mutual consensus, the agreed terms & conditions and expectations are to be set forth in a short, straightforward and crystal-clear Consulting Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Unless agreed differently, we always want to work on behalf of the client. But most important, we always work in the best interest of the client: no hidden agendas, no hidden costs.

In order to exceed expectations, we are willing to take time to understand a client’s corporate culture or vertical market as well as internal staff does. In fact, to the outside world, Mangosat would like to act as an extension of the client’s organisation.

The opportunity to think through a client’s problem and to impress them with our solutions is often the most rewarding part of the job. However, like everyone else, we would like to be paid for our efforts too.

Mangosat endeavour to offer a competitively but fairly priced, higher level of service based on a personal and flexible approach that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Therefore, our charges and fees for professional services can be worked out in several ways including but not limited to:

  • Using an hourly/daily/monthly rate for consulting.
  • Setting consultant fees by the project.
  • Setting consultant fees based on performance.
  • Even risk sharing, profit sharing constructions can be discussed.

Historically, Mangosat Professional Services have been invoiced on a billable-hours basis. More recently, however, we have started implementing a more fixed price or subscription-based pricing model. The reason: our service charges are very much depending on many highly dynamic and different parameters such as required expertise and experience and therefore difficult to capture in static rate cards or time sheets.

Sometimes we prefer – or even insist – on charging by the result instead of charging an hourly rate. After all, if our Principal Consultant does a job in 30 minutes, it’s because he spent 30 years learning how to do that in 30 min.

At any time, all specific wishes and options can be discussed but a final pricing agreement is only possible if all critical details have been shared with Mangosat at the time of request.

We have decades of proven (hands-on) experience of doing business in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Our track record is long and impressive. We believe that we deliver a good, transparent, reliable and fairly priced service and that we have the ability to proactively anticipate client’s issues and come up with solutions before client even realises they have a problem.

Because of the sensitive nature of our business and clients we keep very low profile in the public domain, but we are happy to provide sound referrals upon request.

At Mangosat we pride ourselves in assisting companies who would like to use our experiences and skills. We truly welcome every new client. For more information or a quotation, please send us your email to cebsfreivprf@znatbfng.pbz or better and therefore preferred – just fill out the on-line contact form.

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