Mangosat provides specialised managed remote field solutions for a vast array of industries. We work with clients and customers worldwide helping them to get connected to the Internet, to implement water management and power monitoring solutions, to mitigate weather and other environmental risks, or simply……to get connected to improve crop yield.

No matter what category your business falls under we are able to tailor a program to meet your technology and connectivity needs.

Prepare – Plan – Design – Implement – Operate – Maintain – Optimise

Telecom Infrastructure

One-stop-shop implementation and maintenance of satellite (VSAT, Gateway) and terrestrial network infrastructure. Also supporting general connectivity and demanding interactive IoT networks.

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Precision Agriculture

Monitoring growing conditions of remote farms remotely. Through remote sensing and smart sensors applications. 

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Analyse historical trends in tree cover loss and gain. Monitor dehydration and predict fire.

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Environmental Change

Accurately monitor and administrate e.g. climate change anywhere on the planet. Weather stations and other sensors everywhere. 

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Energy Supply & Management

Implement, monitor, protect, manage and maintain critical remote energy (incl. micro grids) infrastructure.

Water Infrastructure & Management

Predict, monitor and minimise disruption and keep water (sources) safe.

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