Microgrid Design, Implementation & Maintenance

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Unreliable power means not very stable power

Grid reliability is a concern in rural regions of developing countries. In many countries, grid reliability in urban areas is problematic as well. 

Do you have an (off-grid) power requirement?

Photo Mangosat / NWNS

With its focus on the developing world, Mangosat has developed extensive experience in designing and delivering reliable and high performance off-grid, standalone hybrid power solutions in both urban and (very) remote locations.

Mangosat power solutions are designed to guarantee availability hence reliability.

Offering site assessment, complete (re-)design, installation services and on-going maintenance and monitoring programs.

Mangosat can manage the entire power component.

Solid - Safe - Reliable

We are optimising (renewable) energy microgrids for off-grid and grid-tied environments

With an international network of service partners, project managers and technicians, Mangosat provides turn-key solutions for critical facilities operations.

From initial site analysis to final equipment installation and preventative maintenance, Mangosat provides the necessary resources to ensure system reliability for small and medium scale applications.

Renewable electricity costs have fallen sharply over the past decade, driven by improving technologies, economies of scale, increasingly competitive supply chains and growing developer experience.

Renewable and hybrid energy micro and minigrids have emerged as a game changer for rapid, cost effective and high quality electrification – especially in rural Africa.

Micro-grids involve small scale electricity generation which serves a limited number of consumers via a distribution grid that can operate in isolation from the national grid.

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Off-grid applications deliver power in some of the most remote locations and under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. These systems create electricity where access to the utility grid is limited or completely unavailable by harvesting energy from renewable resources such as solar or wind. 

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Custom designed systems that can be easily integrated for extended backup powering capabilities or for off-grid applications with no access to utility power.

Designed to support loads of up to x kW, configurable for DC or AC power requirements, providing up to seven days of powering autonomy.

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Battery back-up is smart in regions that can suffer from severe weather, which are off-grid or with an unreliable power grid.

Mangosat can help you finding out when you need to add batteries to your system (and when it makes sense to skip them), we can help you selecting the right type of battery and we can help you sizing your battery bank so that you don’t under- or overcharge your batteries.

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We provide the service but this page section is still under development and will be published soon.

We provide the service but this page section is still under development and will be published soon.

Allow Mangosat to professionally (re-)engineer, propose and implement you an electrical power solution that works and lasts.

After implementation you will be able to continue monitoring performance, even in location without access to Internet. Our expertise will keep your system(s) up and running, even under the harshest conditions. 

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