Mangosat is a reliable partner & knowledge source and in business to meet the strict demands of global and regional service providers who are challenged with the need for a global local support organisation on the ground.

Mangosat is in business to plan, design, integrate, implement, test and maintain reliable and affordable VSAT and LP-WAN IoT/M2M network connectivity in remote or underserved locations everywhere & anywhere globally. 

Typically, Mangosat services are tailor-made total solutions implemented on behalf of our customer.

The name Mangosat was chosen because it is easy to remember and easy to pronounce by anyone everywhere. Everybody knows mango…at least that’s what we think.

Moreover, it represents the company’s direct involvement in hi-tech Mango farming (in Tanzania) and the implementation of Satellite related solutions world-wide.

Mangosat also trading as Next World Network Services (NWNS) started as an international VSAT installer way back in 2008, offering its global field services to satellite operators, enterprise, government and the military clients in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

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For our clients, Mangosat and its predecessor NWNS have installed and managed hundreds of large and small satellite networks literally all over the world. This long and rich track record makes us among the most experienced telecommunications infrastructure solutions – and implementation providers in the world. 

Our core business: reliable (field) support services for companies doing business in remote, harsh, and hard to reach locations.

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Mangosat (and NWNS) clients are international organisations including satellite operators, telcos, mobile operators, ISPs, equipment manufacturers, mining/oil & gas companies, big farms, banks, NGO, military, and other government agencies. Mangosat, together with its associated partners in over 140 countries, are our client’s extended team. This has worked for 60+ clients from over 30 countries.

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Mangosat and NWNS maintain a unique resource database of skilled personnel with extensive, practical experience of working unsupervised in hazardous and remote areas for prolonged periods. This database features Mangosat / NWNS Field Representatives (FSR) with years of experience and proven track records.

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Our NOC & Helpdesk Team - Diwali 2023

Our Mission:

Mangosat can – and wants to – contribute significantly more to affordable solutions that further disclose – and improve – businesses and people’s life in difficult locations.

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Only about 30% of the World’s landmass is served by cell towers. The rest of the land, and all of water mass, have no coverage. 

To enable IoT/M2M connectivity, in remote and rural areas, reliable coverage needs to be available beyond cell towers….and power too.

There are many use cases such as monitoring of remote areas or the provisioning of intelligent management systems to under-served or disrupted regions which require a more global, scalable, flexible, resilient and affordable solution.

Eventually IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will blend, not only in the cloud but also at the remote network edge, absolutely everywhere.

At the same time we know that sites in remote or underserved locations are most vulnerable for losing out.

It is precisely those remote and underserved regions that can benefit big time from all these new great IoT/AI opportunities. A niche market of size & growth.


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Integrity and trust

Mangosat is a high trust company and our values include long term relationships based on reliability, mutual respect, integrity and of course trust.

In addition, we believe that Nature can provide the answers to all our technical and non-technical questions.


What we are doing is really hard and never easy. We are however fully committed to each other’s success and to doing the right thing, always.

Mangosat delivers anytime, anywhere, always. We never give up – Labore et constantia.

And USPs

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Why our customers choose to do business with us

Because when something is important, we do it even if the odds are not in our favour.

Because we believe our pricing is very fair and our conditions flexible, but more important we’re not simply trying to win a contract, we build relationships for the long term. At the same time we operate with integrity and we want our business processes and ethics to drive our support team to deliver excellence round the clock. And we do!

We are proud and grateful that more than 90% of our customers have been with us since our very first (NWNS) years.

Our competitive advantage is the diversity of our service offerings, global coverage and knowledge gained by years of experience.

We have the decades of solid proven experience which is needed to successfully deliver mission critical (connectivity) services anywhere in the world.

Mangosat has global reach – and local representation in almost every country in the world. We are specialised in doing business in remote, underserved, difficult, harsh or hard to reach locations.

Is doing business in remote, rural, underserved, hard to reach or harsh locations difficult? Yes very!  And we’ve learned our lessons the hard ways.

Despite knowing most of the pitfalls, risks, and the many problems that one can face while doing business in remote and difficult locations – or even in dangerous combat zones – we still believe there is a fantastic long-term business opportunity for Mangosat and its customers to explore to realise.

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  • Mangosat is dedicated in any way possible. We believe in long-term relationships, and the “quick dollar” is not something we need or depend on.
  • We’re also likely to work better together if we know our client is in it for the long haul rather than for a one-off event.
  • We understand that no two customers have the same requirements, and we guarantee that every customer will get the most out of its service order.
  • We also understand that service needs are constantly changing, and we are always available to support our clients re-evaluating their business requirements.
  • Mangosat has dedicated support – world-wide and in multiple locations – with combined experience in VSAT, fiber, microwave, remote power solutions and other technologies.
  • Mangosat is also dedicated to servicing the needs of its customers by providing 24/7 support from its Network Operations Center (NOC) located at its facility close to Mumbai (India) backed up by resources in Europe. On-staff technicians are always available to help diagnose and troubleshoot any problem that may occur in our customer’s network.
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