Mangosat is an applied satellite technology services and solutions company…and a bit more.

Mangosat is facilitating the way our international customers want to interact with critical information from remote or underserved locations – anywhere.

By integrating, implementing and managing game-changing field and ground networks to support LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO satellite constellations complemented by “last-mile” network and off-grid power solutions.

With our prime focus on:

Remote & Rural Connectivity: VSAT, satellite gateway, and long-range network support in all its facets.

Digital Precision Farming: detection and quantification of change through combining field sensor data with satellite and drone imagery data.

Global Ground, Field & Support Services For Telecom and Space Systems

Reliable, Remote & Rural Connectivity and Power for IoT Networks

Geography Is No Longer a Limitation

We professionally expand your business into remote geographies and remove the barriers of location and scale. 

Global Field Services and Market Access Support and Service Level Agreements complement all our service offerings.

We’ve branded our concept MangoConnect

Our total solution concept “MangoConnect” is all about integrated, implemented and managed connectivity solutions for network access and sensing – and sensor – applications in remote and underserved areas.

Network Access, VSAT, and Satellite Gateways

We realise your connection, provide you with connectivity and power, or enable you to access a remote (IoT) network anywhere from everywhere. 

Design, preparation, implementation and maintenance of small & medium sized VSAT stations and satellite gateways including local loop and reliable power supply.

We go the extra mile until we reach the last mile. Ensuring an exceptional customer experience every time.

Remote Sensing

Detecting and monitoring the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance (typically from satellite). Read more >

Remote Sensors (IoT)

Receiving and processing critical field sensor and actuator data from any remote or harsh location on Earth. Read more >

Mangosat Is Reliability, Integrity, Compliance & Experience

Mangosat represents over 50 years of experience in running businesses and achieving results in emerging markets and uncertain environments.

.…and this is why a variety of customers trust us with their reputation and customers….

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