Mangosat Is a Satellite Technology & Field Services Solutions Company

Elevating satellite space operations with complementary ground support

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Expanding Horizons

Mangosat is facilitating the way its international customers want to interact with critical information from remote or underserved locations – anywhere.

Mangosat offers reliable and transparent field services in 140+ countries to governments, satellite operators, ISPs, carriers, system integrators and telecom service providers. 

Mangosat gives you the resources you need to get the outcomes you want.

Satellite Gateways & VSAT

Smart Hybrid Microgrids

Last-mile Connectivity

Sensing & Sensors

Managed Field Testing

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Check our capability statements or contact us to discuss your ideas, plans or requirements.

For Mangosat Geography Is Not a Limitation

We professionally expand your business into remote geographies. We support our customers in every thinkable country.

Mangosat delivers anytime, anywhere, anyhow, always!

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Ground, Field & Integration Services for Terrestrial and Space Systems

Mangosat gives you the resources you need to get the outcomes you want.

Why doing it yourself if you can outsource parts of – or even the entire – process to Mangosat?

Mangosat is integrating, implementing and managing field and ground networks to support LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO satellite constellations complemented by “last-mile” network and off-grid power solutions.

True to our heritage we’re also supporting traditional HF and VHF/UHF radio links and modern means of data communications such as LoRa WAN.  

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Earth Station, Gateway and Co-location “Sourcing as a Service”

Mangosat is specialized in antenna hosting, equipment co-location, infrastructure sourcing and implementation on customer’s behalf according to customer’s specification….anywhere.

We’re enabling you to access a remote (IoT) network anywhere from everywhere. 

We’re working with some of the top players in the telecommunications space to bring high-speed broadband internet among other services to people and businesses around the world.

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Remote Sensing – Remote Sensors

Receiving and processing critical field sensor and actuator data from any remote or harsh location on Earth. 

Mangosat facilitates the detection and quantification of change through combining field sensor data with satellite and drone imagery and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Without access to critical data…….there is no IoT.

Mangosat uses satellites – big and small – to connect terrestrial IoT sensors and IoT end-nodes to a server (e.g., in a public or private cloud), either in conjunction with – or as an alternative to – terrestrial communication networks.”

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Reliable Connectivity For Remote (IoT) Networks.

Connection to – and data collection from – any IoT device located anywhere

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Energy Supply & Management – Power Guarantee

Mangosat has created a professional business in supplying off-grid, safe, small scale energy solutions and smart hybrid microgrid support to (remote) farms, telcos and medium sized businesses.

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