Mangosat is a satellite technology integrating & network services company. 

And a bit more….

Mangosat is facilitating the way the world wants to interact with information.

By integrating, implementing and managing game-changing architecture, using our partner’s LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO satellite constellations, combined with the power of available terrestrial solutions.

Our single unified network solutions will provide scalable connectivity that is both affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

The very best IoT systems and machine learning algorithms are effectively useless without sufficient and reliable data.

Mangosat is all about integrated, implemented and managed connectivity solutions for sensing – and sensor applications in remote areas. We extend the cloud to the edge of the remote network, close to our users. 

and more….

We go the extra mile until we reach the last mile. 

Geography is no longer a limitation.

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