Smart home, smart city or any other “smart” application may work very well via terrestrial broadband solutions typically widely available in densely populated areas.

But what about environmental monitoring, (smart) agriculture applications, and energy/power grid infrastructure systems in remote locations without reliable connectivity?

Remote sensor access through satellite
Latest technology made available to the unconnected and underserved, everywhere!
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Mangosat’s managed solutions are easy to install, affordable to operate and low in maintenance.

Mangosat integrates advanced satellite technology to enable cloud access for users in areas without reliable network coverage. That’s our core business.

Agriculture & Agroforestry
Affordable smart agriculture systems for any farm anywhere
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Systematically tracking environmental changes locally and globally
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Off-grid Power Systems
Tracking any source of power, its distribution, consumption and billing
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Health, Safety & Security
Tracking, detecting, and supervising of health, safety and security risks
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Managed LPWAN Connectivity
For the global IoT/M2M/AI Industry with business in remote or hard to reach locations
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Professional services & market access assistance
Do you have difficulty accessing certain markets due to known and / or unnoticed constraints?
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Managed Field Test Services
Reality cannot be replicated in a laboratory environment
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Global Field Support Services
Mangosat has true global coverage and therefore, immediate access to technical and non-technical field resources in 140+ countries
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Mangosat is very keen on facilitating field research and field test opportunities and to participate in knowledge sharing programs.

Knowledge Sharing
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