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Reliable hyper local global connectivity for IoT deployment

Mangosat claims: “The very best IoT systems and machine learning algorithms are effectively useless without sufficient and reliable data”

Mangosat is providing reliable and affordable access to data everywhere and anywhere – We are scaling IoT solutions with anywhere connectivity.

Mangosat solutions connect people, machines, and devices across the world. We help you to reach new markets or “unreachable” locations through networks of big and small satellite – and terrestrial – systems.

Without access to critical data…….there is no IoT.

We design and implement data acquisition systems that enable our customers to reach parts of the world that were previously unconnected or impossible to connect.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Our 4 Basic Questions First:

Are you developing a network of IoT/M2M/AI enabled devices?

Are or will your devices be placed in remote locations?

Is lack of access to vital infrastructure limiting your expansion plans?

You know what you want but you don’t know how to do it or you are not sure a given proposal is the most efficient solution.

If at least one answer is a YES then you should continue reading.

Photo credit: Pixabay
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