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Our customer support is more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise we make to our customers.

We believe that offering amazing customer service is important if we want to retain customers and grow our business. Therefore, our customer service goes far beyond the traditional telephone support agent. It’s available via email, web portal, text message, and social media. 

We also provide self-service support, so customers can find their own answers at any time day or night.

In the past, people chose which companies they did business with based on price, or the product or service offered, but today the overall experience is often the driver.

Our Helpdesk Services Include:

  • Single point of contact for support no matter which provider is used.
  • Basic monitoring of sites via ping to public IP.
  • Following established procedures on monitoring failures.
  • Basic uptime reports via web portal.
  • Answering dedicated phone line as customer (one phone number included).
  • Using dedicated email forwarded from customer as ticket system request.
  • Access to ticket system to track customer issues.
  • Remote information gathering and troubleshooting (optionally including remote use of spectrum analyser).
  • Escalation to customer in case of an alarm or on-site support is required.
  • Field engineer dispatch if required (dispatch cost may be charged extra).

Our support team moves beyond just reacting to problems and toward anticipating customers’ problems. Our people are empowered to go above-and-beyond with customers, and have a help desk solution that makes it easy for them to upsell or cross-sell relevant services. 


Objectives – Expectations – Terms & Procedures

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Our Service Desk represents our customers in the field

Our teams provide support for all Mangosat and NWNS products and services, monitor networks, dispatch field support, and assists in solving network connectivity issues. 

Another responsibility is upgrading, or taking on nodes in a new or existing network. Providing possible, we adapt to our customer’s exact service support wishes and requirements. This applies to the support of new – and existing infrastructure and potential legacy systems.

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We know we are not perfect but we want to be among the best.

Mangosat / NWNS customer service is about people. And – with people – magic formulas don’t exist. It’d be wonderful if all we needed was a cheat sheet of say and don’t say phrases. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple.

Over the years we’ve found out that good customer service isn’t always about knowing the right answer. Often, it’s about finding the right answer so that our customer doesn’t have to. 

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Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk Objectives & Expectations

The two prime objective of the Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk are:

  1. to represent our customer in the field and
  2. to facilitate the resolution of customer issues as quickly as reasonably possible but always within the terms and conditions of the service level agreement (SLA) between Mangosat / NWNS and its customer.

Furthermore, the Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk provides a central point of contact to ensure that all calls and tickets are followed up and problems resolved efficiently. Summarising:

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Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk’s effectiveness is in providing rapid responses to customer queries. It is not designed to be an avenue for detailed product training or network design support. 

Responses to queries needing “other services” are redirected to the Mangosat / NWNS Customer Support Team for further follow up. 

Calls that cannot be solved by the Service Desk on an immediate basis are distributed to personnel experienced in the specific technology or application.

The Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk is staffed Monday-Friday, twelve hours a day (8:00 to 8:00pm CET), and on-call operators are always available after-hours and on weekends to respond to emergency requests. Therefore, the Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk effectively provides a 24 x 7 support service.

However, any unscheduled (out of SLA) support provided after hours and/or on weekends qualifies as emergency support unless confirmed differently in writing, or by quote. An additional emergency service fee may be billed per incident along with any travel and materials if applicable on any emergency response calls.

Mangosat / NWNS expects her customers to develop a certain level of in-house expertise. This in addition to internal processes for information sharing, basic troubleshooting, escalation and resolution.

Prior to contacting the Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk the in-house expert should make every attempt to first resolve the problem by referring to the system and network documentation or established site-specific procedures. After-all, not every problem requires an urgent dispatch.

In-house expertise and troubleshooting procedures are important so that:

  • Problems which are procedural and unique to the customer can be solved by the appropriate customer authority.
  • Minor problems can be resolved without any delay;
  • Issues related to (local) staff requiring additional training are identified and timely corrective action can be taken.
  • Not a single end-user wants his day disturbed by an unnecessary visit of a dispatched field technician.

We at Mangosat / NWNS understand that sending a few words in an email is the easiest option for any customer to initiate action from our Service Desk. Unfortunately such emails are often (if not always) incomplete and lack critical input. For this reason and in addition to the above, we kindly ask our customers to follow the set procedures of the Mangosat / NWNS ticketing system.

We very well know that once there is an “issue” there could also be an element of urgency, could be panic even. Even in such a situation using the ticketing system is a much better option than a shooting a quick cryptic or incomplete email. We’ve tried to make it easy by eliminating all unnecessary bureaucracy from the process and we believer that the overall system is not difficult to handle. Moreover, it contributes to a more efficient processing and closing of an incident. 

In order to efficiently supporting our customers, Mangosat / NWNS initiated the “myNWNS Service Portal” which can be accessed from here.

myNWNS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is available to Mangosat / NWNS’s customers, target accounts and employees. It grants the user direct access to our CRM systems hence access to a variety of information and services including:

  • Reporting an outage or problem and opening a ticket via Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk.
  • Request for upgrade or downgrade of an existing service.
  • Request for pricing of new service.
  • Checking tickets and their status.
  • Uploading invoices and checking payment status.

Everyday Mangosat/NWNS Service Desk operators communicate with your key demographic: your customers or end-users. As a result, our Service Desk staff has a valuable perspective and can be used as a good source of information. They can provide important input in meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Our suggestion: keep our Service Desk people in touch with all the other relevant departments in your company. After-all they can provide a powerful, detached perspective that someone within your company may not necessarily have.

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Our managed Helpdesk Services enable carriers and operators to focus on their core business while transferring the responsibility to dedicated Mangosat/NWNS staff to manage and safeguard their network infrastructure.

Our managed Helpdesk Services offering is customised to the requirements of each customer. It can cover the entire network life cycle or just the specific portions that the customer desires to outsource.

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Mangosat / NWNS Helpdesk Terms & Procedures

24 x 7 Technical Support

If you have technical questions regarding your existing services or you want to report trouble or an outage, please logon to our CRM or contact our Service Desk for immediate assistance:

Email: abp@ajaf.bet or freivprqrfx@ajaf.bet or freivprqrfx@znatbfng.pbz

Telephone: +1 646 568 7605

As a general rule, if the functionality of the network is not providing you the results you anticipated and you can’t get it fixed yourself then contact the Mangosat / NWNS Service Desk.

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Every customer inquiry is important in its own right. In a perfect world, every request received by our support staff would be answered immediately and solved efficiently.

Sadly, this is not always possible, and Mangosat/NWNS customer service representatives will almost always find themselves with a (long) list of (other equally important) issues to address.

While we simply cannot fix every problem right away, we can continue to provide the best service possible by treating each request with the attention and concern that it deserves.

This is why Mangosat/NWNS has implemented as system to prioritise tickets fairly and address the enquiries accordingly.

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Interference is a complicated issue and never part of a SLA unless agreed differently.

Service Calls related to interference are organised differently and charged separately. 

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The Mangosat/NWNS escalation process ensures that Mangosat/NWNS provides customers the means to give an issue broader attention.

We at Mangosat and NWNS are very committed to delivering high-quality support to all our customers and partners. If you need to escalate a case, our technical or management team is ready and available to help you quickly bring your issue to closure.

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In the (unlikely) event you are unhappy with our service, we at Mangosat and NWNS want to do everything that’s in our power and possibilities to make you back happy.

For this reason, Mangosat and NWNS welcome your complaint, and we hope you will give us the opportunity to rectify the situation.

But we would like to receive your complaint in writing.

Mangosat and NWNS is suggesting the complaint form which can be downloaded from here.

Alternatively, you are free to put your complaint in any letter format as well.

At any time please remember the following:

  • Mangosat and NWNS encourage you trying to resolve the dispute with the company or individual before filing an official complaint with Mangosat or NWNS.
  • Please state your complaint clearly and concisely.
  • Please enclose copies of all relevant documents.
  • Please be accurate and fair in your comments. Remember, you are responsible for what you write.
  • Please understand that in order to resolve your complaint, Mangosat or NWNS may send a copy of your letter to the person or organisation you are complaining about;
  • Your complaints and comments may be reviewed by attorneys.

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