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Expand into remote geographies and remove the barriers of location and scale.

The ability to track and monitor assets anywhere cost-effectively, continuously and with low power consumption is an essential requirement for IoT devices. 

Our Philosophy 

We want our customers to specify and set their expectations but we don’t expect our customers to understand the technology behind the results.

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(Y)our Challenges

At Mangosat we don’t live in a fantasy world. Yes…the Internet of Things (IoT) holds immense promise, with the capacity to transform industries, improve efficiency, and enhance our daily lives. However, despite its possibilities, existing terrestrial and satellite networks have been holding back its full potential.


Global accessibility remains a challenge, as current networks are limited to specific regions and fail to sufficiently cover rural, agricultural, maritime, and emerging regions predictably and seamlessly.

Moreover, the exorbitant costs associated with deploying, connecting, and scaling IoT devices act as barriers, restricting innovation and hampering growth. Furthermore, prevailing solutions struggle to deliver the necessary power efficiency, leading to complicated deployment processes requiring solar cells and extremely large batteries.

These three challenges are known, recognised, and understood. These three challenges are being solved and will be fixed.

New innovations will do the miracle. Developments go very fast.

Mangosat facilitates global coverage – Geography is no longer a limitation!

Mangosat customers should not have to worry about technology e.g. using satellite, cellular, or any alternative connectivity network. Customer’s decision should only be “what do we need and do we want reliable data collection and connectivity or not”. 

And then let Mangosat figure the rest.

Typically, Mangosat services are tailor-made total solutions implemented on behalf of our customer.

Mangosat provides you the solutions to collect your critical sensor data from anywhere and then move it to everywhere.

Our Solution – MangoConnect

There are many use cases such as monitoring of remote areas or the provisioning of intelligent management systems to under-served or disrupted regions which require a more global, scalable, flexible, resilient and affordable solution.

Mangosat’s worry-free low-cost and long-battery-life sensor and connectivity concept “MangoConnect” gives you access to critical data anywhere – simply, securely and affordably…. 

MangoConnect is all about receiving and processing your (sensor) data from any location on Earth.

Reach All Your Remote Locations

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Reliable Connectivity Is a Critical Requirement

To enable IoT/M2M connectivity in rural and underserved areas, reliable coverage needs to be available beyond cell towers….and even stable power may be required too. 

Mangosat is integrating satellite and/or terrestrial connectivity to enable cloud access for users and sensor applications in areas without (reliable) network coverage. If wanted or required we also take ownership of all electrical power requirements. 

MangoConnect is a narrow band IoT/M2M/AI support platform concept for remote data collection, processing, visualisation, and device management. 

The MangoConnect Concept is simple and straight forward, reliable and affordable, easy to install, operate and to maintain. 

A total solution which enables you to monitor, track, assess, and communicate with critical remote assets from anywhere in the world via our bidirectional, cost-effective, and ultra-low power combination of terrestrial and satellite connectivity.

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Developed and built for the world’s toughest locations, all packaged up into a one-time charge and a simple monthly subscription based on SLA and if applicable data usage.

Success however depends most on common sense, network specification, design and implementation.

Collect – Manage – Communicate – Aggregate – Analyse – Act/React – Distribute

But common sense, practicality, and efficiency always prevail. Despite Mangosat is highly specialised in satellite solutions we always considers any available transmission technology to interconnect.

MangoConnect is a typical “store-and-forward” messaging service. The message size is limited (up to xxx bytes) which is enough to support most envisioned applications.

MangoConnect anticipates a latency of minimal 15 minutes. This means that the field can send its data with intervals of 15 min. But also, once a day, week or twice a month.

Basically gateways or towers are NOT required. But if about an extensive network of sensors a gateway and edge computing may become more cost effective.

Customers only pay for what they need with flexible, usage-based data plans to maximise their budget and increase ROI.

Whatever the application or location is, most MangoConnect network designs have the following basics conditions in common:

  • One-stop-shop including carefully listening to the customer, design, hardware, software, implementation, testing, and on-going technical and 24×7 customer support.
  • Affordable solutions, attractive SLAs, flexible and transparent service plans. Absolutely no hidden traps. Even project financing can be discussed.
  • Global coverage, local support – One invoice in your preferred currency and format.
  • External Internet access and grid power is NOT a prerequisite nor a requirement – we take care of everything.
  • Users have full control over their assets and access to the results from everywhere, anytime. Dashboard, portal and app can be standard or as per custom design.
  • Works everywhere, even in the most remote locations on Earth. Only unrestricted view to the sky is mandatory (but only if satellites are included).
  • Field nodes are relatively simple, almost invisible, robust, easy to install and are low maintenance – special tools or skills should not be required.
  • Affordable to operate and maintain.

MangoConnect networks have the following characteristics in common:

  • Systems can be one-way (transmit-only) or two-way (interactive).
  • Connect most – if not all – of the shelf sensors available on the market.
  • Multiple sensors can be connected to a LPWAN supporting field gateway.
  • Very narrow band, burst of data tables at best every 15 min. This is the low budget version.
  • “Always on” if the financial budget permits.
  • Equipment is small, easy to integrate, easy to configure…easy.
  • Limitation: MangoConnect does not support video or real time broadband applications. For this, Mangosat has alternative solutions. 

But common sense, practicality, and efficiency always prevail. Despite Mangosat is highly specialised in satellite solutions we always considers any available transmission technology to interconnect.

The Mangosat view on remote IoT networks, technology, connectivity, implementation and servicing. 

Click here if you are interested in lots of background

This section is under construction…

Mangosat offers “MangoConnect” including all or parts the following services:

  • Network definition and specification – together with customer.
  • Concept building and testing – together with customer.
  • Component (e.g sensors) and 3rd party service selection.
  • Importation (equipment) and contracting (services) support if required.
  • Installation, testing and maintenance.
  • And all more required to make our customer happy.

Furthermore, Mangosat offers satellite and terrestrial IoT data plans with no activation fee and no hidden fees. Additionally, switching between data connectivity states is free, and our dynamic pricing plan means customers only pay for the data they use at the end of each month, with a volume discount rate applied.

We prefer not to sell direct to end-users but rather provide a white label service under our customer’s brand.

We however do deliver affordable loT (field) support solutions to our clients, customers and partners such as equipment manufactures, telecommunication companies, carriers and infrastructure providers who want to distinguish themselves and deliver added value in the difficult markets in which they operate or want to develop.

Our Motivation To Develop MangoConnect

It was simply born from the need.

To increase efficiency, Mangosat has developed a more efficient IoT network for its Tanzania based sister company’s remote 80ha mango farm.

And since it has solved some of their problems, it may contribute to the solution of problems of (potential) customers operating in similar situations too.

Come and see us for real mango and a demo at Bigwa Orchard Park in Mkuranga – Tanzania

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