Space technology as a driver of sustainability on Earth

Sometimes to see the big picture you need to look from a far.

We help Earth benefit from space – We have specialised in using satellite & drone data in operational monitoring services to provide information and decision support.

Mangosat makes satellite and drone analytic solutions in agriculture, forestry and utilities management available to end-users in developing countries. 


Geospatial data analytics along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms. 

Together with our partners we manage satellite systems designed and operated to repeatedly observe the global land surface at a moderate scale that shows both natural and human-induced change. 

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Our solutions integrate satellite imagery data, near real time sensor data, and AI powered algorithms to drive business decision-making and endorse sustainable practices.

Looking backward, reflecting on the past.

Analysing the moment.

Detecting change and predicting further development.

Discovering previously unseen trends.

Taking appropriate action.


Our focus, not our limitation

Our one-stop-shop satellite enabled services can greatly improve global operations and provide near real-time information to facilitate decision-making processes. Examples include dedicated communications systems on a global level, or independent monitoring of resources, assets, weather and climate.


Mangosat enables farmers to remotely assess the health of their crops, cut cost on scouting, soil testing, and farm management, and use seeds and fertilisers more efficiently.

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Mangosat solutions mitigate risks and optimise forestry operations. Verify inventory and supervise deforestation. Receive forest fire risk alerts and predict fire spread rate.

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Water and electrical power are valuable resources especially in regions that experience shortages. Our solutions contribute to better prediction, planning and implementation.

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How remote sensing works and what to expect from it

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