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MyNWNS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is available to NWNS and Mangosat customers, target accounts and employees. It grants the user direct access to our CRM system hence access to a variety of information and services including:

  • Opening a ticket and reporting an incident.
  • Checking tickets and their status.
  • Uploading invoices and checking payment status.

Alternatively, the same information can be submitted or obtained through telephone: +1 646 568 7605 or +91 260 237 3768 or email:

In the event you want to check the status of a ticket, please have your ticket reference number at hand. Such a reference looks similar to “CAS-01478-F6M6C9”

myNWNS login is not required if you want to:

myNWNS CRM requires a username and password.

If you represent a qualified Mangosat or NWNS client and you have yet not received your credentials to logon to our CRM then please use the short form below to apply.

You can use the same form to report an access problem.

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