This webpage is dedicated to XtndNet. XtndNet is in business however its promoting webpage is still under construction.

XtndNet is all about instant and affordable fast Internet access in places with poor or without Internet access. 

Backed-up by Arabsat, XtndNet is to become one of the top 10 internet service provider (ISP) brands in the Rural Areas of UK, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Sweden, Baltics, Finland Norway and the MENA region.

Next to the European markets, XtndNet focuses on expansion of the existing hub infrastructure (UK, Norway, Germany and Finland) into the Ku-band coverage areas in NW and S-Africa regions and beyond.

XtndNet branding is based on already used and established branding by NWNS and Forsway (XTEND) around the world. XtndNet leverages the branding of Arabsat wherever possible, like e.g. in the MENA region.

XtndNet has its own media channels including website and the regular social media accounts.