Reliable (field) support services for companies doing business in remote, harsh, and hard to reach locations.


Import & regulatory support

Installation & testing

Repair & maintenance


Mangosat is one of the very few companies able to plan, deploy, maintain and upgrade multiple (satellite) telecommunications networks and remote electrical power systems simultaneously on a global 24 X 7 basis.

How do we do this?

Mangosat / NWNS provide additional value: warehousing, integration, knowledge, demonstration and test facilities on every continent.

Mangosat / NWNS maintain business processes and service level agreements (SLA) that we want to be simple, fair, transparent, flexible and work.




Our Importer of Record (IoR) and Customs Compliance Services combined with NWNS’s regulatory, implementation and maintenance services allow our clients to have access to truly global reach with one point of contact

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