Sensors & Satellites

Mangosat’s white paper about low cost and low power connectivity solutions for the global IoT/M2M/AI industry. The paper describes integrated solutions for narrow band applications serving remote areas.

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Mangosat Company Introduction and MangoConnect Capability Statement

Mangosat offers low-cost and low power connectivity for the global IoT/M2M/AI Industry. This document summarises Mangosat as a company and describes MangoConnect as one of its services in more detail.

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On the potential impact of IoT and AI driven solutions on the agricultural sector of Tanzania

Bachelor’s Thesis (Amsterdam University 2021)

For many African countries like Tanzania agriculture continues to be the driver of the economy, yet the productivity and efficiency on Tanzanian farmlands remain amongst the lowest in the world. Recent advances in technologies now open the door for this to change as even the most remote areas can now participate in developments in agricultural practices, including in what is known as smart agriculture, a form of agriculture driven by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

This research aims to find out in what way the introduction of such technologies can impact the agricultural sector of Tanzania, by conducting several interviews and a survey with various stakeholders. The results show that it is believed that smart agriculture can increase levels of productivity and efficiency on Tanzanian farmlands, and increase the share of crops that smallholder farmers can sell as a result. Also, it will have a positive effect on the levels of income of both the farmers and the nation as a whole, such as levels of GDP. Furthermore, it is set to increase the levels of bargaining power that Tanzanian farmers hold and will allow them to gain more access to loans provided by local banks.

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