This webpage is dedicated to Mangosat’s Application & Solutions Provider (ASP) Program which is a bit more than just a regular distribution partner program. We are in business but this supporting webpage is still under construction. If you however can’t wait for more information then please send us an email with your questions or requests to

Do you have a vision of how Mangosat can power your solution? Do you have a customer base ready for any sensor application in remote or underserved areas? Can you manage logistic and supply chain and serve end-customers end to end? Is it time to grow and scale your business?

If your answer is yes, then Mangosat would like to hear from you. Our ASP program offers strength in partnership to provide greater access to secure, enterprise-grade remote connectivity and sensor solutions when you want it, in the way that you prefer, for your customers.


Easy to understand without any satcom, satellite, telecoms or electronics background.


Easy to tailor around the end customer needs.


Pricing that support smaller projects and is affordable for developing countries. 


Each product offer is co-created for specific user profiles.